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belly dancer Yonina

Belly dancing with magic-illusions: spectacular shows
for corporate events, theatre productions, oriental parties,
wedding celebrations and theme parties.


Make an event extra special with a unique performance by Europe's most popular belly dancer, Yonina! She presents a magical thousand-and-one night show with authentic belly dancing, dynamic oriental music, fascinating magic-illusions, humor and active audience participation.

Yonina is a television personality with enormous showmanship. Her extensive performing experience combined with her artistic expression guarantees a sparkling show and exciting atmosphere! Yonina is accompanied musically by the talented percussionist Cissy-Miriam in combination with a professional audiotape or with an orchestra.



In her Las Vegas style show Yonina combines captivating oriental magic-illusions with the art of belly dancing. She dances gracefully while floating in the air during the fascinating Magic carpet illusion. Another astonishment is the Pharaoh zigzag illusion.

The magic-illusions and dance shows can be performed on the dance floor or on stage. The show lasts usually 30 minutes and is tailor-made for the occasion.




Yonina's show can be announced as a surprise or a gift to your company or honored guest with the surprise gift box. This show is perfectly designed for jubilees, wedding celebrations or other special occasions. The surprise gift box is wheeled into the party area, the doors are opened and to everyone's delight Yonina and her percussionist make a grand entrance.
The celebration begins!



A splendid idea for your party! Yonina offers you a belly dance show to enhance the theme of your event. The magic, dance and costumes are especially designed to coordinate with your theme.

themafeest Holland middeleeuwse opening kerst opening

The wide variety of themes include: the Dutch opening of her show for international congresses,

the South American for tropical parties, the medieval show for castles and classic events, and many more.

In the month of December her Santa Claus show is a charming surprise for your guests.

All these theme openings are followed by Yonina's belly dance show.



Spectacular and engaging
The show starts with catching rhythmical music with percussion effects, followed by a graceful oriental dance by Yonina. Her colorful veil dance is interweaved with magic effects and leads you into a Thousand and One Nights atmosphere. Yonina demonstrates belly dancing at its finest. She continues her show with a spectacular illusion of dancing and floating in the air. By surprise she conjures a company logo or slogan, a congratulatory message or the name of a celebrated married couple. In the dance and magic parts of the show Yonina involves the audience tastefully and creates solidarity and a joyous atmosphere.
Yonina's show is a guarantee for an unforgettable social and happy event!



presentatiesWith her unique blend of dance, magic and text, Yonina can design a tailor-made show for your company incentives, conventions and product promotions. Her creative presentations have a positive impact and add to the success of your event or campaign. She has presented a wide range of product promotions for numerous Dutch and international companies.



In addition to her dance shows and peptalks Yonina can also be hired as Mistress of Ceremonies for national and international company events and congresses.

info: Yonina Productions
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