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Yonina, Europe’s most celebrated belly dancer teaches belly dancing courses in her renowned dance school ‘Yonina’s Belly Dance Studio’ in Amsterdam. In her lessons and workshops Yonina masterfully demonstrates the beauty of oriental dance to people of all ages. Her expertise and vast experience enable Yonina to tailor design the belly dance lessons so that all the participants receive individual attention.

Results of the belly dancing classes are: improvement of condition, firmer stomach buttocks and thigh muscles, proficiency in a fascinating dance form and more relaxation. Participation in an enjoyable group activity increases self-confidence, gives greater rhythmic ability and enhances self-expression and flexibility. Through belly dancing you become healthier, lose weight, feel more sensual and improve your appearance.

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Belly dance enjoys great popularity in the Netherlands. Motivation to attend the courses is as diverse as are the participants. Some people want to learn an exotic dance form or become acquainted with Shakira’s movements as seen in her video clips, many want to experience a healthy and effective workout, others like to dance for their partner and many want to relax and gain more control over their body and increase flexibility.

Belly dance is fit for everyone regardless of age, figure, size or body shape.
Courses are given at all levels, from beginners to advanced. Private lessons and workshops are given in Yonina’s Belly Dance Studio in Amsterdam or on location.

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