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Yonina and her talented percussionist Miriam present interactive oriental dance and percussion workshops for organizations, company parties, teambuilding sessions and seminars. Highly suited for small and large groups, these tailor-made sessions involve creative and engaging activities that add positive energy to a group's dynamics
and also serve as an icebreaker to stimulate a dynamic and open atmosphere.

A part of the dance sessions, Yonina demonstrates the beauty of oriental dancing. Sometimes referred to as 'belly dancing', this intriguing dance form is an excellent workout for mind and body. Over 5000 years old, oriental dance is practiced by men and women around the world. During the percussion sessions, participants will experience a unique musical team adventure.

An energetic and memorable event!

In addition to the BELLY DANCE- AND PERCUSSION WORKSHOPS Yonina and Miriam offer the following workshops:

  • DIVA WORKSHOP. A joyful and inspiring workshop to enhance your feminine power through belly dance and motivational insights.
  • SALSA MIX. A festive, tropical experience: salsa, merengue, mambo, son and much more!
  • MULTICULTURAL MIX. Broaden your horizon, enjoy and discover the similarities between salsa, belly dance, African and Hawaiian dances.

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