A worthwhile investment for any company or organization, Yonina's peptalks stimulate positive action, leadership, effective communication and teamwork.

Topics featured in her presentations include:
Creativity · teamwork · sports as a metaphor for business · leadership · motivation · change management · effective communication · power and performance · sales.

Solid information and practical, yet innovative techniques are well-known characteristics of Yonina's lectures. Her extensive consulting work for international and national companies, combined with her academic background and artistic ability make Yonina's programs both stimulating and effective. The fascinating magic-illusion acts supporting the concepts of innovation and motivation add to the impact of her program.

Yonina's charisma and expertise enable her to reach the hearts and the minds of the business community by helping them to facilitate change and empowerment. Her seminars open new doors to power and performance enrichment, at the same time creating an environment of positive development and growth.